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Precision Fencing uses trustworthy hardwood fencing in the latest styles as well as vertical, horizontal or angled designs with any size spacing between fence slats. Our timber fencing Geelong projects are both beautiful and durable with a smooth appearance and are reduced upkeep. Our special fence styles are matched to give you a seamless as well as consistent surface that contributes to your homes apprearance.

Enjoy your backyard in protected peace and quiet with strong timber fencing Geelong. These custom designed fencings are best for fashionable boundary fence. If you’re wanting to cut down the noise, make best use of harmony as well as define your residential or commercial property, timber fence is the proper way to go.

Our range of garden fence panels are made to collaborate with slotted areas producing a straightforward and also easy to use fencing system to match most garden styles. All fencing panels are of premium top quality to make sure resilience.

Timber Fencing Geelong

A classic style that will make your neighbours green with envy!

Our fencing features lengths of gap-free, upright wooden pickets that supply a powerful barrier for your family members and house, providing you the personal privacy and security you always wanted. Timber Fencing Geelong also has excellent sound deadening properties. So if you have noisy neighbour this could be the choice for you and your family!

We also work with a wide variety of wooden gates for use with both panels and also standard fences, with devices, joints as well as locks. You can get a create a combination of a wood fencing and also a wooden gate to create the right style for you.

Precision Fencing Geelong relies on offering the very best setup solution and client fulfillment. Just give us a call and also we’ll be there to take the exact measurement of your area as well as give you a free quote.

Once you’re satisfied with the fence as well as gateway design and style, as well as pay the deposit amount, we start the work. We make certain that you evaluate your fencing setup to make sure that every little thing goes as per your need.

We also have a repair service and also a replacement of damaged fences and gateways at the most budget-friendly rates.

timber fence geelong

Geelong Fence and Gate Repair

Fencing Geelong do not merely do timber fencing, we also have a vast array of other fencing-related services, such as;

Things to take into consideration

There are various points to think about when setting up timber fencing Geelong. These are several of the usual points we locate when we price estimate somebody for a fencing project; Depending upon your ground level with your neighbour, we might recommend making use of a sleeper under the fence. This would stop the fencing from deteriorating.

If you’re placing a fencing into sandy dirt we may find that we require even more time to see to it the posts are placed deeper to boost the fences’ strength.

Timber Fencing Geelong - You get what you pay for

Geelong Fencing contractors have years of experience and have located a few points that other fencing installers have skipped;

  • Not giving sufficient sustaining concrete
  • Installing the concrete AND the fence on the very same day.

We take our time in installing your fence. We do not set up the fence and also the concrete at the same time since we require to ensure that the concrete is cured or set appropriately initially prior to setting up the fence.

How to look after your secure fencing

The most effective means to look after your front fence is to varnish it with the most effective oils. We recommend utilising Cabot’s Natural Decking Oil to ensure long life of all our installations. However, if you’re not able to do it yourself Fencing Geelong can assist. Take a look at more fence choices. Get in touch with us today.

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Timber Fencing

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